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Fancy Meeting YOU Here!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on February 7, 2013 by onethemis

This one is dedicated to those four poor souls who decided to follow me. First, thanks a bunch! I really don’t know why you did but you feel kind of like a new pair of shoes. Slightly odd at first but not especially bad.

Since I saw that I had followers I tried to figure out just why I did. I don’t imagine it’s my unique turn of phrase, my stellar wit, or my handsome good looks (hello there, black and orange you vixen you). So I am only left with, perhaps, the hope that what I have written so far has awakened in you some feeling of kinship. Maybe you liked my ideas. Well whatever it was, welcome! I hope I don’t scare you off too quickly. 

That said I was left at a bit of a loss. What to write next? If you came for stories then my own brand common sense might bore you. Really initially I just made this blog to post up my terribleminds writing challenge entries.

In the end I decided that it would just have to be an adventure. Sometimes you turn over a rock and find really cool spider, and sometimes you look behind the rock and find an incredibly smelly troll… Guess it’s up to you which one is the good one 🙂