10 Minutes to Live

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Written as a response to a writing exercise. Hello HarsH ReaLiTy!


I looked out the window at the darkening sky and felt a hand about my heart tighten. The harsh buzzing tones had come too late from my cell phone and my last, best, only option was to stay put. I had plastic-ed and taped windows and doors but I didn’t really have much confidence in their long term effectiveness. Really how air tight could a twenty year old mobile home be? I looked around and found my little cache of canned food piled up on the counter with the hand opener standing at the ready. I had filled every jug and bowl with water just in case. Satisfied that I had done all I could in an effort to stay alive in the face of the descending disaster I made my way across the room. I wanted to cry and so I scooped up my little pug dog, Bill, and hugged him for courage. He had been my constant companion for many years now and he cried any time I had to leave him. Likely this time we wouldn’t be apart for long. I swallowed a growing lump in my throat as I sat at the computer with Bill calm on my lap and clicked the small blue icon. Cheery music bloop-bloop-blooped in my ears as I fought to keep my breathing steady. The sound of an open line let me know she was there.

“Hey Mom! Just wanted to call and say I love you. Sorry, I only have a minute.”


Word Hunt

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I almost missed this weeks challenge! Hah! I had to think about it a bit and I have to say my haiku is not elegant, but here you are a story in three haiku.



The book is opened

Words spill, flutter, languish, flow

They have all escaped


Who will chase them down?

Sorry unlucky hero

No spellcheck for you


Know their every curve

Secret nooks and hidden tales

Stuff them back inside

Fancy Meeting YOU Here!

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This one is dedicated to those four poor souls who decided to follow me. First, thanks a bunch! I really don’t know why you did but you feel kind of like a new pair of shoes. Slightly odd at first but not especially bad.

Since I saw that I had followers I tried to figure out just why I did. I don’t imagine it’s my unique turn of phrase, my stellar wit, or my handsome good looks (hello there, black and orange you vixen you). So I am only left with, perhaps, the hope that what I have written so far has awakened in you some feeling of kinship. Maybe you liked my ideas. Well whatever it was, welcome! I hope I don’t scare you off too quickly. 

That said I was left at a bit of a loss. What to write next? If you came for stories then my own brand common sense might bore you. Really initially I just made this blog to post up my terribleminds writing challenge entries.

In the end I decided that it would just have to be an adventure. Sometimes you turn over a rock and find really cool spider, and sometimes you look behind the rock and find an incredibly smelly troll… Guess it’s up to you which one is the good one 🙂

E-Pirates: Tides They are A-Changin

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I have long had thoughts about piracy of any kind and following along with a new blog, terribleminds by Chuck Wendig, that I have recently become fond of I have decided to post as he has asked his readers. Now the picture above pokes a bit of fun and the post Chuck Wendig has here gives a fair view of both sides. Although the topic there is about e-books mainly he points out it can happen with just about anything these days. I would some day like to have others read my writing and I have asked myself where I stand on this issue, and this gives me a pretty good opportunity to put what I have come to out for others to ridicule.

This is supposed to be for #25 International ‘Please Don’t Pirate My Book’ Day. So, this is me saying please don’t pirate things. After that here are my feeling on the matter.

Inside my mind there are two options;

1. My Way

I will only ever write because I love to tell stories. If I can make money off of it good on us all. I, of course, would love to make a million bucks on a story and live in a fairy tale blah blah blah but really I probably have an equal chance of winning the freaking lottery. If I tell you a story and you like it then I am happy and hope that you will toss some coin in my hat. However, once I release my words they no longer ‘belong’ to me they are now community property. If I enjoy doing it and do it well people will gravitate toward me, show appreciation, and maybe ask for(err demand) more.  After I have a sufficient following monetary compensation can be gained for appearances, endorsements, donations, and commissions (much like other artists). If I don’t ever get there well at least I did what made me happy.

2. A Change in Ways

An alternate take uses television as an example. You pay for your service but a show itself is ‘free’. You pay for individual shows by watching ads, and if you don’t want to watch adds you can pay a little more to have ways to skip them. You can also buy a physical copy of many shows so you can watch it any time any where. I do believe other forms of media need to pay attention to this model. Radio already has with services like Slacker Radio and Spotify. In this way everyone makes money and the consumer is happy. In this day and age it is all about instant gratification. If you don’t please the consumer someone else will.

So there it is its Love vs. Gratification

P.S. This isn’t supposed to be until tomorrow, but I will forget, so here it is.

A Memory of Light: FOR BELLA!

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It’s been a bit since I read (well listened) the final book int he Wheel of Time. It was ok, for the most part, and then there was the ending, which was perfect, and by ending I mean the last paragraph or sentence.

My brother and I have long talked about how we felt a certain author was using the Robert Jordan books to get himself some time in the sun, and really I don’t mind some of that. I mean the guy took on a monumental task and was almost guaranteed boat loads of hate mail whatever he decided to write. What we disliked was that the fellow released something like six books in his own series instead of completing the last book and pushing the release dates for more than a year. Something may have happened that wasn’t his fault its true, but I still have taken a dislike to him. I can see his fingers all over the books he wrote in and while I know that was his job it bothers me.

Brandon Sanderson is a bit of an idealist. The ending of his Mistborn books were somewhat of an affront to me. All the work that was put in by these people and they were all ‘ok we are happy go frolic’ at the end. Plus the man has no subtlety. Robert Jordan did with a whisper what BS did with an ogier club. Erg. Finally, and most importantly what I wont ever be able to  forgive is Bellas totally inane death. I was so happy when she showed up again only to have her die in a stupid stupid way. The freaking war horse Mandarb made it, it would have spoken volumes, and been rich in meaning if Bella had too.  On other parts I feel like Jordan would have done some major revision on his epilogue had he lived. I was a bit confused on the part where the girl had helped Rand die. When did she get all that stuff together? WHY?? And then there’s the whole thing with the guy who just wanted to go home to the Two Rivers riding off to see the world, by himself, leaving his children fatherless, leaving his best friends to their own devices forever.

Like I said the part I loved and have been waiting for since I started reading (back when I was in high school and the great hunt just hit shelves in hard cover) was that line to the effect of, ‘it was not the ending because there are no endings to the wheel of time, but it was an ending’ Its not word for word but it was a warm feeling and the knowledge that if I die tomorrow my last thought wont be ‘I wonder what happened to Rand.’ HAHA ❤ or wait maybe it will be >:O

I Favor Fire

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I awoke on the floor, slightly confused. A thick orange light was oozing in through panes of glass to my left. I stood and walked to the glass placing my hands on its surface and feeling the warmth flow through, even though it seemed there was at least a foot of the stuff between myself and the roiling mass of chaos below. I gazed through my imperfect indistinct reflection as I contemplated the randomness in the patterns of orange, yellow, and black that twined in the molten earth playing there just a little way beneath my feet. To my eyes it was a beautiful dance an answer to all my questions and a relief to my worries.

Not everyone felt the same though, I acknowledged, as my eyes shifted to the small patch of blue high above. It hovered there forlorn among the dense billowing clouds of ash. A twinge in my soul was drawing me and with a heavy sigh I bid adieu to the dark self living in the glass. I entered the small service elevator that had been chipped out of the rock at the rear of the room and pulled the lever. There were only two stops it made, the room and the mountain side. When the door wooshed open I was in fresh cool air away from the toxic gasses that filled the caldera. I had a sneaking suspicion that the room below was breaking down, and as a result those gasses were invading and had caused my odd choice of napping location. The twinge had turned into a sharp stabbing, indeed it was almost time.

I turned to center myself on the direction of my pain and then gave a gentle push with my feet. The obliging Earth loosed its hold on me and I ascended. Soon I was surrounded by blue with the column of ash at my back as I faced West and waited. It did not take her long to appear this source of growing agony in my chest. She was swathed from head to foot in loose fitting ice blue fabric and the whipping wind that held her aloft, and battered at me, did nothing to even ruffle an edge of the gauzy veil that covered her face.

“You should not have come.” I did not raise my voice for I knew she could hear me. She was like a wild dog that bared its teeth and raised it hackles at a wolf. She knew she could not win and so she bluffed.

“You can not do this!” She retorted forcefully then in a softer voice, almost pleading, “You can not do this.”

“But I must.” I answered my voice calm with years of experience and my final conviction.

Anger rose in her eyes and she lifted her arms above her head in a swift jerk. Around us snow and ice that still coated nearby peaks rose and coalesced into a misshapen mass above and in front of her. She slammed her arms down and the conglomeration descended carried by a maelstrom of turbulent air. The woman followed close behind and I followed her. I found her standing almost at the center of what had been my beautiful lava ball. Now it was a shining expanse of luminescent white ice. I landed and eyed the reflection stretching from my feet. The ice, like the glass, made an imperfect copy of my form despite its smooth perfection. Here though I was a white light to combat the shadowed self in the glass.

The woman faced me and her chest heaved with the effort this had cost her. The winds died and she ripped the veil from her face.

“Look here I have dashed your plans! The others will be here shortly to make my patch more permanent.”

I nudged the surface of the ice already gaining a slim layer of water.

“I know you love the humans,” I began, but she interrupted.

“You are human too! Like me!”

“No. No, I stopped being merely human long ago. I can not chain myself to such a sordid and tawdry fate. They are cruel and careless and destructive, and there are too many of them.”

“And you would play God by deciding who lives and who dies? Why here? What have these people done to make them more deserving of this fate than any other?”

“Nothing, but you seem to misunderstand… This is not the plan, merely the catalyst. I am not going to pick and choose those who live or those who die. I am merely setting the balance back to even. After that the laws of Nature will take over and perhaps these humans will learn from their past. If not…” I shrugged.

I watched as sudden understanding dawned upon her face, my face. The only true mirror of myself really, and yet it was only skin deep. I had made the effort to distract her but I had always known she would come for she was the push to my pull. If she had not come perhaps we could have lived. She would have been able to assist her precious humans as they struggled back from this massive global eruption, and I could have continued on as a watchdog.

Now though I smiled gently at the sister who had come in to the world just a little behind me. I felt the lava rolling sluggishly toward the surface needing the smallest of nudges, and as she had earlier I thrust my arms high.



This is my entry for the Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds. I’ve never done one before but it seems like a good way to work on my 1337 skills (lol). The challenge was to randomly (used a random number generator) choose a motif (mirrors), a sub-genre (ecothriller aka wtf), and a setting (villains volcano lair) cheating is easy but this is supposed to take effort right so I worked at ecothriller although I’m not sure there’s much evident here, sorry. I used one of my favorite Frost poems ‘Fire and Ice’ as inspiration hence the name! Thanks for reading.


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I thought I might try something new. This is the result.