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A Memory of Light: FOR BELLA!

Posted in Review: Book, Spoiler, This might be a rant on January 27, 2013 by onethemis

It’s been a bit since I read (well listened) the final book int he Wheel of Time. It was ok, for the most part, and then there was the ending, which was perfect, and by ending I mean the last paragraph or sentence.

My brother and I have long talked about how we felt a certain author was using the Robert Jordan books to get himself some time in the sun, and really I don’t mind some of that. I mean the guy took on a monumental task and was almost guaranteed boat loads of hate mail whatever he decided to write. What we disliked was that the fellow released something like six books in his own series instead of completing the last book and pushing the release dates for more than a year. Something may have happened that wasn’t his fault its true, but I still have taken a dislike to him. I can see his fingers all over the books he wrote in and while I know that was his job it bothers me.

Brandon Sanderson is a bit of an idealist. The ending of his Mistborn books were somewhat of an affront to me. All the work that was put in by these people and they were all ‘ok we are happy go frolic’ at the end. Plus the man has no subtlety. Robert Jordan did with a whisper what BS did with an ogier club. Erg. Finally, and most importantly what I wont ever be able to  forgive is Bellas totally inane death. I was so happy when she showed up again only to have her die in a stupid stupid way. The freaking war horse Mandarb made it, it would have spoken volumes, and been rich in meaning if Bella had too.  On other parts I feel like Jordan would have done some major revision on his epilogue had he lived. I was a bit confused on the part where the girl had helped Rand die. When did she get all that stuff together? WHY?? And then there’s the whole thing with the guy who just wanted to go home to the Two Rivers riding off to see the world, by himself, leaving his children fatherless, leaving his best friends to their own devices forever.

Like I said the part I loved and have been waiting for since I started reading (back when I was in high school and the great hunt just hit shelves in hard cover) was that line to the effect of, ‘it was not the ending because there are no endings to the wheel of time, but it was an ending’ Its not word for word but it was a warm feeling and the knowledge that if I die tomorrow my last thought wont be ‘I wonder what happened to Rand.’ HAHA ❤ or wait maybe it will be >:O