Enlightenment isn’t easy, but sometimes it comes with directions

I have something that is, I dunno, good for the heart or maybe the soul. This webtoon called Regarding Death is really great.  Something that makes it stand out from other webtoons (I could name several for you if you want to explore the medium, leave a comment 🙂 is that every chapter other than the first one has its own BGM (I totally had to look up to see that means it means Background Music haha). The use and correctness of the BGM take the stories presented here to a whole new level. Now as this webtoon (alt. manwha) is okl (original Korean language) it had to be translated to English. This has been done by an industrious group going by the name ‘Supreme Cream Scanlations’.

Anywho to get the full effect you have to do a TINY bit of work, but its worth it. First open a tab with the Translated stuff at this address- Translation or http://www.batoto.net/read/_/131674/regarding-death_by_supreme-cream-scanlations

Next open a second tab and go to the Naver web site that hosts the original work- Original or http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=500942&no=1&weekday=thu

Now the first chapter has no BGM so after you are done flip to the next chapter using the double green arrows at the bottom of the page on the translation site. (Korean webtoons generally follow a single long strip format). Tab over to the original site and you will see a hovering box with different arrows in it. The box will always hover there unless you close it. If you close it you will have to reload the page (unless you unlike me read Korean and can find another way lol). The double arrows take you to the very first or very last chapters. The single arrows advance you one chapter at a time. There is no need to scroll through the Korean comic, you can just keep hitting the single arrow when you finish the  translated chapters.

I haven’t finished the whole of the series, but so far ‘Best Friends’ is my favorite arc. None made me cry so much as that one. QQ

>Really sorry if I am plunging you into a whole world you didn’t know about. Trying not to cause info overload haha.<


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