Usually I put this at the end, but given the nature of this post I am going to put my chatty bit right at the front. First, in this weeks challenge I drew Erotica. If this type of literature offends you then please do not read it. Next, I actually did quite a bit of research on odd things which possibly got me on one or more ‘lists’, lol. I drew the genre of Monster Erotica, the setting of an Opium Den, the theme is Revenge!, the item to include is a mysterious locket, and the conflict is Nature is mans greatest enemy. Finally, we have the required bit. This is for a terribleminds ( writing challenge! Now to the wordmaking!


Darren sat, nonplussed. He could not plausibly follow the chain of events that led him to where he currently sat. It wasn’t that he was particularly unhappy with the situation, but rather that he was unsure of what kind of situation he was in. His mind ran a gamut of scenarios that had his heart racing from trepidation to excitement, and everywhere in between.

He flopped back into the impossibly soft red velvet embrace of the sofa. The blue curling smoke that hazed the air was beginning to mellow his thoughts. The sweet almost cloying scent seemed to overlay another odor that he could almost place. His brain was letting go though and his muscles were following suit. A soft clink told him that his hand had lost its hold on the little golden locket that had brought him here.

His friends had dragged him out to a party. In truth he hadn’t wanted to go because he all but knew his ex would be there. It was drama he didn’t need right now, but the pull of a night out had been greater than the repulsion of a possible confrontation. It had proved to be less that fun and he had been on the verge of declaring it dry when she had walked in.

The girl was a solid dime. She had the soft full curves of a mature woman. Her confidence in herself had slid into the room in front of her and she had very much interested him. He had moved up on her and was getting ready to lay it on when she looked at him. He left his mouth hanging open as their eyes met. It was not her extreme beauty that had rendered him speechless, rather it was the spark he saw in her eyes that he recognized as pure stupid crazy. He was trying to formulate something to say, other than what he had planned, when she had moved in.

Her mouth on his felt as warm and smooth as hot chocolate all sweetness and liquid silk. He wasn’t sure how long it lasted or truthfully when it ended. It seemed to him that he had come back to himself by himself and she nowhere in sight. He had combed the place but she wasn’t there. It was only after he had given up that he had realized the locket was around his neck.

It was unclear if he had opened it or if there was some kind of map on it. All he knew for sure was that the locket had led him here. It was down an alley and through a scarlet door that he had come. He had walked willingly into this dark pungent place in hopes of finding that touch again. Now that he was here though and the roiling smoke was filling his being he was content.

A small sound came from behind and he tried to rise but a soft hand held him down.

“Stay there for a moment.” The voice as rich and deep as a summer night flowed around him. It matched her kiss he decided and lay where he was. He felt something cool and slick slither across his face and flinched slightly until she tightened it around his head covering his eyes. Ah, so it was only a blindfold. Well if a blindfold was as freaky as she got he would accept it gladly.

Her hands moved down tracking their way inside his shirt and peeling it off his willing body. As it came off over his head she took his mouth from above. He wasn’t sure if it was the drug or just his imagination but somehow the contact was different this time. Her mouth tasted of spices and she felt more seeking than the previous soft melting. It was as exotic as the last was familiar. The comparison was driven from his mind though as she separated her mouth from his only to deposit her full breasts squarely in his face as she bent over to free him of his trousers.

His hands moved up to the low hanging fruit and he drew one large nipple into his mouth and pulled on it with gentle pressure and the bare edges of teeth while he kneaded and rolled the other between his fingers. He felt her back arch but put an arm around her to keep her from getting too far from his mouth. Her little gasping exhalations excited him further and her hands slowed at their own work. She tugged weakly at waistband and he lifted his hips so she could free him and soon his pants were puddled around his ankles.

She slid her hands over him squeezing and kneading even as he had done to her, gentle but insistent with his proud flesh. Her teeth and tongue brought him to the verge but did not push him over it. She suddenly was receding from him as the ocean drawing from high to low tide. He felt the chill on his skin and grasped the air where her warmth had been only a moment before.

There were sliding sounds and he followed as it crossed the room. A light rummaging and a quiet humming. What kind of suspense was this to leave a man in? He had almost worked himself up to going after her when suddenly light came back to his world. Above him in all her glory was the dime from the party. In her hand swung the black silken blindfold. Even the dim light seemed bright in that moment as his eyes adjusted. He took in the fine mocha skin and the small but shapely breasts that had been tattooed with vines. He was beginning to register that her body didn’t seem to fit what he had felt when a glint from her tattoo caught his eye. The artwork was so realistic that in places the flowers and dew laden leaves seemed to be growing from her skin. He reached up to place a finger on one only to find out it was indeed real.

Her face made a little oh of mock surprise and he was working on processing this information when she smirked and shifted her eyes to the side. Mouth open in bewilderment he followed her gaze to the nearing slithering noise. He had only a moment to take in this new piece of information. The underlying scent finally placed itself. His ex had kept a snake was his last thought before his eyes hardened.

Nature placed one hand on each of his shoulders and straddled him sinking down on his hardness with a sigh. She lay her head on the rapidly cooling onyx statue as she gently rocked her hips. To the side the snake woman narrowed her eyes and asked “Why?” in quiet broken tones. Nature rose from her conquest leaving his forever solid member glittering wetly and went to the gorgon. She stooped to pick up the fallen locket as she moved, all fluid grace, across the intervening space.

She trailed a vine marked hand over the lightly scaled abdomen and then straddled the thick well muscled tail. From behind she pulled the thin chain to encircle the snake womans neck and then closed the clasp. She pressed her naked flesh against smooth joining between snake and human skin. Her hands snaked around to cup and tug at the other womans heavy breasts as she leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“You know why.” She licked her breath tickling an ear with her breath. “You dare to seek mere men when you have one such as I.” Then in order to complete her revenge she set about making the womans snake half writhe and wriggle as she brought her pleasure. After she was done Nature looked through the twining opium smoke to where the poor human she had used as bait sat forlornly and shrugged. Humans were meant to be used by ones such as they. Still she felt a small twinge at his poor luck. Well, maybe she’d use him in her garden. She could always use another statue.


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