10 Minutes to Live

Written as a response to a writing exercise. Hello HarsH ReaLiTy!


I looked out the window at the darkening sky and felt a hand about my heart tighten. The harsh buzzing tones had come too late from my cell phone and my last, best, only option was to stay put. I had plastic-ed and taped windows and doors but I didn’t really have much confidence in their long term effectiveness. Really how air tight could a twenty year old mobile home be? I looked around and found my little cache of canned food piled up on the counter with the hand opener standing at the ready. I had filled every jug and bowl with water just in case. Satisfied that I had done all I could in an effort to stay alive in the face of the descending disaster I made my way across the room. I wanted to cry and so I scooped up my little pug dog, Bill, and hugged him for courage. He had been my constant companion for many years now and he cried any time I had to leave him. Likely this time we wouldn’t be apart for long. I swallowed a growing lump in my throat as I sat at the computer with Bill calm on my lap and clicked the small blue icon. Cheery music bloop-bloop-blooped in my ears as I fought to keep my breathing steady. The sound of an open line let me know she was there.

“Hey Mom! Just wanted to call and say I love you. Sorry, I only have a minute.”


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