Enlightenment isn’t easy, but sometimes it comes with directions

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I have something that is, I dunno, good for the heart or maybe the soul. This webtoon called Regarding Death is really great.  Something that makes it stand out from other webtoons (I could name several for you if you want to explore the medium, leave a comment 🙂 is that every chapter other than the first one has its own BGM (I totally had to look up to see that means it means Background Music haha). The use and correctness of the BGM take the stories presented here to a whole new level. Now as this webtoon (alt. manwha) is okl (original Korean language) it had to be translated to English. This has been done by an industrious group going by the name ‘Supreme Cream Scanlations’.

Anywho to get the full effect you have to do a TINY bit of work, but its worth it. First open a tab with the Translated stuff at this address- Translation or http://www.batoto.net/read/_/131674/regarding-death_by_supreme-cream-scanlations

Next open a second tab and go to the Naver web site that hosts the original work- Original or http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=500942&no=1&weekday=thu

Now the first chapter has no BGM so after you are done flip to the next chapter using the double green arrows at the bottom of the page on the translation site. (Korean webtoons generally follow a single long strip format). Tab over to the original site and you will see a hovering box with different arrows in it. The box will always hover there unless you close it. If you close it you will have to reload the page (unless you unlike me read Korean and can find another way lol). The double arrows take you to the very first or very last chapters. The single arrows advance you one chapter at a time. There is no need to scroll through the Korean comic, you can just keep hitting the single arrow when you finish the  translated chapters.

I haven’t finished the whole of the series, but so far ‘Best Friends’ is my favorite arc. None made me cry so much as that one. QQ

>Really sorry if I am plunging you into a whole world you didn’t know about. Trying not to cause info overload haha.<

This one night

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“Will you stop that?” Niea frowned over her shoulder at the quivering mass of fur keening in the far corner. She put a slim cigarette to her lips and drew in heavily, held for a long moment, and then let out the fragrant smoke. It hardly made a difference as the air was already dense with the same blue smoke.

The mass unfolded to reveal a tall wolfman wearing a pair of ragged jeans and a faded blue plaid shirt whose once shiny mother of pearl buttons were densely covered in grime. He keened once more but managed to turn it in to a high pitched question.

“How can you smoke that foul clove shit? It burns my nose! Plus, while you may not be worried about living anymore, some of us are!” He crossed to the boarded up window nearest to him and began slamming his fist in to it. The weathered wood soon gave way and splintered outward letting a thin stream of cool fresh night air in to the suffocating room. He put his nose to the little hole and eyed her while working to widen the small spot.

Niea gave a throaty laugh and shook her head.

“YOUR health? YOU the werewolf who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of a two story building downtown last week? You, my friend, are lucky there was a pool underneath those trees. Otherwise how would you finish your hunt? And thats another thing! How HEALTHY can it be to eat so many crack addicts that now you get the deetees if you miss a meal?”

The wolfman growled unhappily at her and pushed harder than he had meant to on the remaining wooden blockage. It fell away and he almost followed it through the long thin brick window casement. Niea closed the distance between them with a swift stride and grabbed exposed tufts of hair to haul him back.

“Fuck! That HURTS! Would it kill you to be a little more gentle??” He glowered at her from beneath his pronounced canine brow and bared his overly pointy teeth at her. She sneered at him and made a flourish at the length of her rotting body.

“And you’re one to talk about others shortcomings.” He snarled to cover the gaffe. “Look here.” He reached toward her and she flinched away a little but he plucked something from the bloodless gash that ran from her ear to the corner of her mouth.

“Look at these teeth!” He brandished them in front of her eyes. “They aren’t even YOURS! As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure they aren’t HUMAN.” He gave her a more critical look as the smoke haze had almost cleared from the room and his eyes and nose weren’t watering so badly. He turned her this way and that poking and grabbing. By the time he was done there were no less than twelve teeth, three chunks of femur, and two almost whole scapula in his hands all in various states of decay.

“Where the Hell did these come from?!” He demanded. She shrugged, took another drag on her cigarette and loosed a fresh stream of smoke right into his wolfish nose. A sneezing fit caught and held him new runnels of clear liquid making their way out of his soft eye tissue and nostrils.

She stepped over to the window and stood a little behind him. She looked out into the night and lit a new cigarette off the last nub of the old and did some contemplating. She had not always been in such bad shape. She had been one of the most beautiful Queens the dead of the modern era had seen. She had also been one of the smartest. She had organized the living dead so that they would prey only on the dregs of society. They had avoided an uprising for almost two hundred years, and the city had been, moderately, better for the ghoulish work her people did. She had been a paragon of her kind in both mind and body, until two weeks ago.

She and a small band of her brightest had been feeding in a cozy little crack house they had found when this fucking asshole had come in on them and started maiming and permanently killing her little band. Apparently he was a ‘big fish’ and they had ruined his merchandise in their fervor. He had done things to her that would most certainly have killed her were she not already dead.

“We need to stop squabbling and get to work.” Focusing her eyes back on the scene outside the window. She had found the werewolf then. She had heard about him before but had no reason to seek him out. Those of the underworld rarely bothered each other but in this case, fresh out of followers as she was, she had needed help to set the trap. The wolf had been trying to get his claws into this slimy character for a while. While she and her kind were usually do gooders out of necessity he had actually started out to ‘fight crime and injustice’, or some such crap. Tonight would be something of a pinnacle for him while for her this was pure revenge.

A slight shuffle came from the darker end of the room they stood in. The werewolf threw a cautious eye in that direction but she shook her head.

“Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine.” A clatter below proved to be the swift form of their mutual prey. It would be mere moments now. Niea moved into the dark and the werewolf found his own shadow next to the door. The wait was interminable but then the door was creaking open. There he was stupid and solitary walking confident into their trap. The werewolf lunged and a shot rang out but a normal bullet never hurt a wolfman.

Niea pulled a mason jar filled with Mama Juju secret sauce and the soul of a fierce warrior, who also happened to like men, alot, from her bag. She smashed it against the thick chest of the troll she had chained there. The soul leaked in through the wounds and as soon as sense focused the beasts eyes she set it free.

“Here you go big man. One last night on the town.” She smiled with her too wide mouth down at the man who had literally been scared shitless. Well that might make it easier for him she supposed. The wolf sat back smiling a drooly smile and wagging his tail as the troll-warrior mix took the man in its huge hands.

“And after my buddy here is finished returning what you gave to me the other night, I think dog boy’s hungry.”


This is in response to a Terribleminds challenge. We were to go to theyfightcrime.org and get a pairing to use in the story. Mine was ‘He’s a suicidal drug-addicted werewolf looking for ‘The Big One’. She’s a chain-smoking kleptomaniac queen of the dead with the soul of a mighty warrior. They fight crime. It was supposed to be 1k. Mine is slightly longer at 1133. Ah well.

The Edge

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The deck of the vessel creaked and shuddered under Kali’s dirty bare feet. She curled her toes so that her nails left their sheathes and bit in to the wood. It would be harder for her to lose her feet that way. For now her balance would keep her well, but there was no telling when the craft might


Amidst shrieking wood and bucking timbers the whole of the ship suddenly turned ninety degrees and Kali fell backward until her back struck the deck. She used the momentary anchor her feet gave her and pivoted to sink her hand claws as deeply as she could into the rough planks. She reset her feet so that she was like a mountain climber scaling a particularly difficult climb fitting hands and feel into tiny chinks int he wood, and made her slow way toward the deck house.

Once she gained the relative safety of the back wall of the little room she sat and took a moment to get her breath. She wasn’t a stranger to climbing in such a way, but the difficulty of a smooth surface had sapped her strength. Kali took a moment to look around and find what had happened to upset the vessel so badly. She found that at some point another vessel had caught on a but of rocky rubble and from then other vessels had just kept stacking up. A small island had formed out of their dessicated bodies and the Felwraith had caught the pile squarely with her bow. The force of their forward motion and the sudden stop had flipped the ship up on its nose and by all rights she should have tumbled all the way over. What had saved them both from overturning had been a thick length of cable that ran from one side of the cliffs to the other. The thing had been anchored so well that it had held, and was still holding, the Felwraith’s full weight.

The magically varying colors of the rushing river sluiced by the gently wavering hull and Kali sat entranced. Just how long could the wreckage and the cable work together to keep Kali and the wraith from completing their journey? Her eyes turned to focus ahead. There perhaps only six anchor chain lengths in front of them loomed their destination.

Kali had been a companion on the Felwraith since she was born. Her Captain had paid an incautious tavern whore for her unwanted child. In the weeks that had preceded her birth Kali’s mother had lived aboard the ship and had been forced in to the company of the ships fey. It was a rare ship that was able to actually catch a fey and once done it was usually even harder to keep the thing alive. But a ship that could successfully catch and hold a living specimen was said to have the best of luck and the swiftest of journeys.

Kali had her own beliefs about the whole thing. Somehow she felt that the fey should have to be willing to stay aboard the ship, and the companion should be just as willing to supply the creature with what it required. Kali had never had a choice. Since the moment she was born she had been bled every day, and that blood had been fed to the fey. By the time Kali was nine it had become a problem finding places on her body that were not already covered with small slice scars. Perhaps it was her island form that was more feline than human than had allowed them to treat her so callously, but she doubted it.

The ship shifted and settled slightly and a tiny raft made up of bits of the ruined boats below drifted loose bringing Kali back to herself. The edge beckoned. Soon they would break loose and again head there. It would be death and deconstruction for the ship, the fey, and the girl all three. There was the edge of the world and all the magic each of them contained would flow up into the sky with the colors while their flesh would drop with the dead water. It was something like a waterfall of life that went up, and its pale colorless reflection that plummeted out of sight.

Kali sat thinking and scratched her chin with her foot. The Captain had always yelled at her for that. Well the first Captain did. It took a little over ten years and eight successive Captains for the ships owner to finally decide to consign the vessel to Death’s Edge. He was sending the vessel as a ‘tribute’ to the gods to try and regain the favor he had lost when he had meshed the Felwraith into the abomination that it had become. Of course the vengeful little beast that had caused so many ventures to fail and its food source had to go, anything else would anger those gods further. She focused again on the waiting death and her inner poet showed its face.

“The doomed edge functions as whatever calm. Hmm.”

Kali pursed her lips and purred a little as she thought. Neither she nor the fey had chosen this. The ship offered a choice. She could take the cable and maybe find life, or she could stay aboard and surely find death. Life so far hadn’t been something to seek, but some nights the fey would whisper to himself and images would shimmer in the air.

She dug in her claws again and swung down and trough the window that would put her in the deck house. There the fey swung in his iron cage scowl set.

“Why aren’t we dead yet stinking cat?” he growled.

“Are your pictures real places?”

“Does it matter?”

She grinned then and with a flourish produced the key to his cage. She had learned lots of things in her years aboard the ship.

“It might.” She wheedled as hope dawned in the feys glittering eyes.



This was done for a terribleminds challenge. This week was use a randomly generated sentence in 1000 words. My sentence was “The doomed edge functions as whatever calm.”


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Usually I put this at the end, but given the nature of this post I am going to put my chatty bit right at the front. First, in this weeks challenge I drew Erotica. If this type of literature offends you then please do not read it. Next, I actually did quite a bit of research on odd things which possibly got me on one or more ‘lists’, lol. I drew the genre of Monster Erotica, the setting of an Opium Den, the theme is Revenge!, the item to include is a mysterious locket, and the conflict is Nature is mans greatest enemy. Finally, we have the required bit. This is for a terribleminds (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/03/01/flash-fiction-challenge-super-ultra-mega-game-of-aspects/) writing challenge! Now to the wordmaking!


Darren sat, nonplussed. He could not plausibly follow the chain of events that led him to where he currently sat. It wasn’t that he was particularly unhappy with the situation, but rather that he was unsure of what kind of situation he was in. His mind ran a gamut of scenarios that had his heart racing from trepidation to excitement, and everywhere in between.

He flopped back into the impossibly soft red velvet embrace of the sofa. The blue curling smoke that hazed the air was beginning to mellow his thoughts. The sweet almost cloying scent seemed to overlay another odor that he could almost place. His brain was letting go though and his muscles were following suit. A soft clink told him that his hand had lost its hold on the little golden locket that had brought him here.

His friends had dragged him out to a party. In truth he hadn’t wanted to go because he all but knew his ex would be there. It was drama he didn’t need right now, but the pull of a night out had been greater than the repulsion of a possible confrontation. It had proved to be less that fun and he had been on the verge of declaring it dry when she had walked in.

The girl was a solid dime. She had the soft full curves of a mature woman. Her confidence in herself had slid into the room in front of her and she had very much interested him. He had moved up on her and was getting ready to lay it on when she looked at him. He left his mouth hanging open as their eyes met. It was not her extreme beauty that had rendered him speechless, rather it was the spark he saw in her eyes that he recognized as pure stupid crazy. He was trying to formulate something to say, other than what he had planned, when she had moved in.

Her mouth on his felt as warm and smooth as hot chocolate all sweetness and liquid silk. He wasn’t sure how long it lasted or truthfully when it ended. It seemed to him that he had come back to himself by himself and she nowhere in sight. He had combed the place but she wasn’t there. It was only after he had given up that he had realized the locket was around his neck.

It was unclear if he had opened it or if there was some kind of map on it. All he knew for sure was that the locket had led him here. It was down an alley and through a scarlet door that he had come. He had walked willingly into this dark pungent place in hopes of finding that touch again. Now that he was here though and the roiling smoke was filling his being he was content.

A small sound came from behind and he tried to rise but a soft hand held him down.

“Stay there for a moment.” The voice as rich and deep as a summer night flowed around him. It matched her kiss he decided and lay where he was. He felt something cool and slick slither across his face and flinched slightly until she tightened it around his head covering his eyes. Ah, so it was only a blindfold. Well if a blindfold was as freaky as she got he would accept it gladly.

Her hands moved down tracking their way inside his shirt and peeling it off his willing body. As it came off over his head she took his mouth from above. He wasn’t sure if it was the drug or just his imagination but somehow the contact was different this time. Her mouth tasted of spices and she felt more seeking than the previous soft melting. It was as exotic as the last was familiar. The comparison was driven from his mind though as she separated her mouth from his only to deposit her full breasts squarely in his face as she bent over to free him of his trousers.

His hands moved up to the low hanging fruit and he drew one large nipple into his mouth and pulled on it with gentle pressure and the bare edges of teeth while he kneaded and rolled the other between his fingers. He felt her back arch but put an arm around her to keep her from getting too far from his mouth. Her little gasping exhalations excited him further and her hands slowed at their own work. She tugged weakly at waistband and he lifted his hips so she could free him and soon his pants were puddled around his ankles.

She slid her hands over him squeezing and kneading even as he had done to her, gentle but insistent with his proud flesh. Her teeth and tongue brought him to the verge but did not push him over it. She suddenly was receding from him as the ocean drawing from high to low tide. He felt the chill on his skin and grasped the air where her warmth had been only a moment before.

There were sliding sounds and he followed as it crossed the room. A light rummaging and a quiet humming. What kind of suspense was this to leave a man in? He had almost worked himself up to going after her when suddenly light came back to his world. Above him in all her glory was the dime from the party. In her hand swung the black silken blindfold. Even the dim light seemed bright in that moment as his eyes adjusted. He took in the fine mocha skin and the small but shapely breasts that had been tattooed with vines. He was beginning to register that her body didn’t seem to fit what he had felt when a glint from her tattoo caught his eye. The artwork was so realistic that in places the flowers and dew laden leaves seemed to be growing from her skin. He reached up to place a finger on one only to find out it was indeed real.

Her face made a little oh of mock surprise and he was working on processing this information when she smirked and shifted her eyes to the side. Mouth open in bewilderment he followed her gaze to the nearing slithering noise. He had only a moment to take in this new piece of information. The underlying scent finally placed itself. His ex had kept a snake was his last thought before his eyes hardened.

Nature placed one hand on each of his shoulders and straddled him sinking down on his hardness with a sigh. She lay her head on the rapidly cooling onyx statue as she gently rocked her hips. To the side the snake woman narrowed her eyes and asked “Why?” in quiet broken tones. Nature rose from her conquest leaving his forever solid member glittering wetly and went to the gorgon. She stooped to pick up the fallen locket as she moved, all fluid grace, across the intervening space.

She trailed a vine marked hand over the lightly scaled abdomen and then straddled the thick well muscled tail. From behind she pulled the thin chain to encircle the snake womans neck and then closed the clasp. She pressed her naked flesh against smooth joining between snake and human skin. Her hands snaked around to cup and tug at the other womans heavy breasts as she leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“You know why.” She licked her breath tickling an ear with her breath. “You dare to seek mere men when you have one such as I.” Then in order to complete her revenge she set about making the womans snake half writhe and wriggle as she brought her pleasure. After she was done Nature looked through the twining opium smoke to where the poor human she had used as bait sat forlornly and shrugged. Humans were meant to be used by ones such as they. Still she felt a small twinge at his poor luck. Well, maybe she’d use him in her garden. She could always use another statue.

Fortune’s Eye

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A summer breeze gently flapped the edges of the tent and brought the end of day scents to the crones nose. Stale popcorn mingled in delicate balance with spoiling strawberries and a tinge of not-so-old vomit. The last sticky footsteps had long since passed the entrance to her fabric castle herded along by men and women with slack mouthed stares apathy plain on their faces.

The old woman rose from her cushioned seat and made her hunching way out of the tent. Each step was slow and precise as if planned carefully in advance. Her bones ached and with each step pain flared in her joints, but still she moved on. She skirted the dark stain in front of the tent where a child had spilled her drink early in the day. A mother had complained of waste and the girl had cried and pouted as the two had moved too far to hear. The cup left as it had fallen and shortly it had been trampled under the press of a thousand different types of shoes.

All was quiet now.

The people gone.

The rides silent hulking shapes in the night.

The crone turned her face to the sky and stared with watery rheum eyes at the golden moon round and full with promise. Her wrinkles rounded and folded back on themselves mimicking the gently rolling hills of her childhood and then split suddenly as the white half moon of her smile emerged.

A night with two moons.

Silver and Gold.

Repayment and Return.

It had been a very long time since she had come to this place. She had once been lovely and youthful, but in her youth had lain the arrogance that so often accompanies that passing affliction. She had not thought it so wrong back then. How could loving someone be wrong? She had claimed him for herself even after she found he belonged to another.

The other was a jealous thing.

The other was a powerful being.

The other would not render up its possession.

And so the crone in all her fiery passion had set out to find a way to free her lover from the grip of his master. Ahhh how the crone remembered with longing the lithe form she had once enjoyed. She had fancied herself like unto a shadow. She had been so sure that she could steal from a Meister one small item. But Meister’s were as jealous of their possessions as Masters were.

She had gotten away with the small ring. The shining snake of silver with the golden drop for an eye. She had known that she would be caught as soon as her hand had closed about the vicious little circle and it had marked her. But she had run. Oh! How she had run! She had found her love and slipped it on to his finger.

Then he was Gone.

And she was Caught.

And, then, there was a Price to pay.

So she had sat age after eon after era. She had sat and she had told stories of hands, and cards, and tea leavings. She was shackled to prophecy and to the future of others as long as there was someone to ask it she must answer. She must render up her life in the form of glimpses of tomorrow for the ignorant masses. Every day that passed she must give up bits of herself until the day when no one asked.

Today no one had asked.

Today the shackle had fallen.

Tomorrow she would no longer sit.

But tonight she was an old woman and she wanted to see the stars. She had almost made it to the Eye. It was the best place to watch the sky and not at all hard to set to run automatically. When her hair had been red and her skin smooth such wonders to her as the Eye had been impossible. Now her hair was gray and her face a map of her childhood home and more years than any woman had a right were behind her, and such things were commonplace. Now too things that had been commonplace were delegated to fantasy. She shook her head and flipped the switch.

The Eye glimmered.

The Eye turned.

The Eye paused.

The little old woman settled herself in the gondola and then the Eye turned again, as if it had waited for her. The familiar float and stop of the auto setting continued until she was at the apex. She knew that now the Eye would turn for ten revolutions and then begin the disembarking procedure. She shut her eyes and folded her tiny creased hands in her lap and simply smelled the night. The stench of the place did not find her here and again a smile passed across her lips. A fluttering brought her eyes open again and she watched with quiet eyes as the wind deposited a scrap of paper on the seat next to her. She picked it up, curious, and stared at the drying ink.

I have watched.

I have waited.

My heart calls, will yours answer?

Her eyes widened and her lips shook. She stood eyes fixed on the scrap of hope. Inside her chest a thunderstorm began while an earthquake broke along her limbs. Her heart heated, then swelled, then burst. Flame ran through the fissures of her skin as she lifted her eyes once again to the stars. The Lovers debt was paid and he had waited all this long time. It would not do to make him wait a moment more.

Each feather burned.

A glorious funeral pyre.

A rising comet.

Like a red and gold fire work she trailed light as she rose, and then burst into a million sparks as she followed where he had gone. The soft flow of air over the seat began to carry off the soft gray dirt, all that remains of the shed mortal coil. Suddenly shabby and mundane the Eye moved on.


This was written for the terribleminds writing challenge this week. Random number generator gave me Magical Realism, an amusement park after dark, and a love letter.

Music and Stories

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I don’t know about you but I love music, and stories of course. Once in a while there is a convergence. I have been reading Robin Hobb and love her characters FitzChivalry and the Fool. So today I am listening to some of my favorite picks and Waiting for the End by Linkin Park came on and I have to say it, ahem, ‘Fitz’. (hahaha you will only get this is you read them) Anyway, if you like the song you should definitely check the books!


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It’s been a few days. I totally missed last weeks writing challenge on terribleminds, shame on me. It has also been a bit since I wrote here so I thought I would do a post on reading and listening.

My younger brother and I have been talking about books lately. The release of several that we were excited about kind of got me back in to reading. Having a full time job, being single, and having a house and what not to look after I had really felt like my time for reading was limited. Because of that I have joined audible.com just in November seriously. I had payed for it for longer and had a little stack of credits saved up. Well I burned through them pretty quickly after I found I could put the app on my android and listen at work (I have a mostly manual/solitary labor type of job). Thanks to that I have ‘read’ more in the last 4month than in the last 4 years! Of course once you get back in to it it’s like  a drug. 😮

I started with ‘rereading’ (see listening) some of the Wheel of Time books, but I get bored easily and with every book in excess of 30 hours long I only got half way through book four and decided I could not listen to one more minute of Rand al’Thor, plus the books get reaaaaaally detailed in the midsection and unless its your first time or you love them super lots it gets to be a bit of a slog.

Anway, I hopped over and ‘read’ the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones series. I know more 30+ hour books I’m such a glutton for punishment. Anyway about middle of the sixth book I was super tired of Mr. Martin abusing his characters so I still haven’t finished that one.  I probably wont until the next one comes out. I don’t fancy a two year cliff hanger and I’m sufficiently peeved with all the characters at the point I’m at that it feels like a nice place to rest.

After that I got in to the Iron Druid Series by Kevin Hearne which I highly recommend. They aren’t so long as these epic fantasies I was in and they are full of humor and wit. And Deities. Still not ready to go back and tackle the epics I took a break and ‘read’ the Harper Hall Trilogy by Anne McCaffery, again highly recommend, especially if you like dragons. I would say read Dragonsdawn first (its on the list!) its more of a sci-fi fantasy crossover. I dunno but its good stuff.

Just about the time I have run out of things to ‘read’ my brother tells me there is this awesome series by Steven Erikson and I should read Gardens of the Moon. Well I tried to listen to it and no. can. do. There are too many people running around with similar names and absolutely no transition from one character and place to another. I’m not saying its not a good story I am just saying that listening to it instead of paper and ink reading it is a no go. My brother tells me the written one isn’t too much better, but I will be able to see the name spellings at least, and can leaf back through pages if need be.

That venture being a failure after only four chapters I was now out of things to ‘read’. Astonishingly audibles ‘things you might also like’ link actually came up with a winner (I’m picky about reading things. If it doesn’t grab me in the first pages it becomes and impossibility to read). It gave me Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb. This lady is working her way up in my reading esteem! I (in less than a week) devoured her assassin trilogy and am now actually reading the Tawny Man trilogy (because for some damn reason you can only buy the audiobook in Britain) while at the same time ‘reading’ her Rainwild trilogy. It has never before happened to me that I am engrossed in two books by the same author at the same time. It’s crazy! Cleaning or driving or working I listen to the one and when I have a still moment I read the other. It’s great. Although I realize I’m hurtling toward nothing to read again very quickly 😦

I will make no bones about it that I like fantasy the best. If I’m looking for something to read I will be looking in the fantasy section. I also like reading manga/manwha but again with the fantasy/sci fi/supernatural vibe. My favorite author is Robert Jordan. He long ago edged out Anne McCaffery although she still is a close second. I don’t really like her sons work though, the heart just isn’t there. I guess the same could be said of the final Wheel of Time books as done with Brandon Sanderson. To each their own though.

Now if you want to talk individual books I would go with Ender’s Game as my all time favorite. Yeah I know not even fantasy right? It’s what I get for being a eclectic. Being an eclectic who claims to seek our fantasy I have, oddly perhaps, some non-fantasy on my you should read list. So here is a list of things that I have titled accordingly.

Things to Read at some time in your life, and then maybe reread at another time

1. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (sci-fi) A hard story, but a good one.

2. The Eye of the World By Robert Jordan (fantasy) Fantasy at its gleaming best.

3. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (fiction) This is a hard read and a terrible ending, but there are some books out there that should be read, and this is one.

4. The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore (fiction) He would probably be my 3rd favorite author. His series are also good but this was his first that I read and a good place to begin.

5. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (fantasy) A book that makes everything possible

6. Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffery (sci-fi) Its starts as sci-fi but then the rest of the books (mostly) would properly be called fantasy. Unique!

7. Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb (fantasy) She has a knack for storytelling!

8. The Host by Stephenie Meyer  (sci-fi?) I really don’t know the category, but its about aliens. Don’t be put off by Twilight if you dislike it. I feel this is a much better story!

9. The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay (fiction) A book that made a big impact on me when I was in junior high, made my worries a little smaller in scheme of things.

10. Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (fantasy) Really he’s super mean to his characters. If some bad shit can happen to them, it will.

Authors you should read. It doesn’t matter what.

1. Edgar Allen Poe

2. Robert Frost

Books I would NEVER recommend

1. Ivanhoe

Best Books I can’t bring myself to read but probably should

1. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- I liked the movie though 😮

Well all that being said, let me know some good books you have read!

10 Minutes to Live

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Written as a response to a writing exercise. Hello HarsH ReaLiTy!


I looked out the window at the darkening sky and felt a hand about my heart tighten. The harsh buzzing tones had come too late from my cell phone and my last, best, only option was to stay put. I had plastic-ed and taped windows and doors but I didn’t really have much confidence in their long term effectiveness. Really how air tight could a twenty year old mobile home be? I looked around and found my little cache of canned food piled up on the counter with the hand opener standing at the ready. I had filled every jug and bowl with water just in case. Satisfied that I had done all I could in an effort to stay alive in the face of the descending disaster I made my way across the room. I wanted to cry and so I scooped up my little pug dog, Bill, and hugged him for courage. He had been my constant companion for many years now and he cried any time I had to leave him. Likely this time we wouldn’t be apart for long. I swallowed a growing lump in my throat as I sat at the computer with Bill calm on my lap and clicked the small blue icon. Cheery music bloop-bloop-blooped in my ears as I fought to keep my breathing steady. The sound of an open line let me know she was there.

“Hey Mom! Just wanted to call and say I love you. Sorry, I only have a minute.”

Word Hunt

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I almost missed this weeks challenge! Hah! I had to think about it a bit and I have to say my haiku is not elegant, but here you are a story in three haiku.



The book is opened

Words spill, flutter, languish, flow

They have all escaped


Who will chase them down?

Sorry unlucky hero

No spellcheck for you


Know their every curve

Secret nooks and hidden tales

Stuff them back inside

Fancy Meeting YOU Here!

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This one is dedicated to those four poor souls who decided to follow me. First, thanks a bunch! I really don’t know why you did but you feel kind of like a new pair of shoes. Slightly odd at first but not especially bad.

Since I saw that I had followers I tried to figure out just why I did. I don’t imagine it’s my unique turn of phrase, my stellar wit, or my handsome good looks (hello there, black and orange you vixen you). So I am only left with, perhaps, the hope that what I have written so far has awakened in you some feeling of kinship. Maybe you liked my ideas. Well whatever it was, welcome! I hope I don’t scare you off too quickly. 

That said I was left at a bit of a loss. What to write next? If you came for stories then my own brand common sense might bore you. Really initially I just made this blog to post up my terribleminds writing challenge entries.

In the end I decided that it would just have to be an adventure. Sometimes you turn over a rock and find really cool spider, and sometimes you look behind the rock and find an incredibly smelly troll… Guess it’s up to you which one is the good one 🙂